Monday, February 21, 2005

The Girls of VCU

Richmond, Virginia is a college town, with that you have all the college bitches. You cannot go bar hopping in Richmond without running into VCU girls. Richmond isn't a city and there aren't any nightclubs here but there are bars everywhere. You take a VCU girl, add a bar, and mix in the alcohol and you have easy sex. If you don't have time for the bar there are lots of party’s right at VCU with lots of drunk easy VCU girls. You see the girls at the gym, you see them in class, and getting them to bed is so easy. Having a girlfriend is no problem, fact it often helps you score.

Since I started here at VCU in August I have had sex with 40 VCU girls plus my girl friend. My friend who is at GMU hasn't had it so easy there. The girls here are easy and will take their cloths off in a second. Of the girls I have had here, most have let me take the nude photos I have posted on the web and three have photos up on porn web pages. VCU girls get naked and fuck just as soon as they can get drunk. The best place for getting easy girls is Tiki Bobs and Mars Bar in Shockoe Bottom. I even found some of the girls at Mars Bar are both hookers and VCU students.

Anyone know of any other places to pick up easy VCU girls? The VCU Gym is also a great place to find them. I am on the hunt for more, My freshman year I hope to have sex with as many girls as I can. What guy isn't out for that? We know they are all just cheap sluts, so lets trade them off and score more bitches. Also as some of us are under 21 we need to get the word out where you can get served without ID. Mars Bar is top for that one if you don’t mind trashy wannabe Goth sluts. I have posted photos of the sluts of VCU on Kazaa for any, just search for sluts of Richmond, or Sluts of VCU and you should find the photos.